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Daily Lessons Learned

One of the small benefits of reading is you comes across many thoughtful and wise nuggets of inspiration, wisdom, and practical advice...even in a bad book. In … [Read More...]

SaaS Business Development

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Don’t Create A SLB

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Market Niche Discovery and I wanted to step back for a moment and discuss the importance of seriously considering each Niche Market’s potential for growth, start up costs, and barriers to entry by sharing a story of an … [Read More...]

Determine Go-Ahead Markets and Eliminate No-Go Markets

Determine “Go-Ahead” markets and eliminate “No-Go” markets so we can start to search for Market Niches within “No-Ahead” markets. This post is part of our "Goal Setting, Niche Market Discovery, Idea Generation, and Product Validation" series on how to lay the … [Read More...]