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FE International

Buying a SaaS Business: Michael Frew on How to Acquire a Business as a First Time Buyer

Michael Frew is someone who is never content to sit still. An experienced world traveler, he has lived in faraway places from China to the Grand Caymans.

Yet, he says it’s his experiences during his childhood as a, quote, “military brat”, that helped shape how he conducts business the most. “You had to learn how to find a friend to sit with at lunch on that first day…you’ve got to make friends really [quickly].”

In this article he shares his best advice on buying a SaaS business and why you buying an existing business is a great investment.

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Case Study: Gigalixir

We met Michael through his relationship with the management team of online business broker FE International.
Earlier in 2021, we explored another FE International listing with Michael.
Although we didn’t end up moving forward with that particular proposal, our relationship continued. We continued to outline our mutual goals and started to discuss different business opportunities.


Michael Frew – Cloud-Based Software Acquisitions

Michael Frew is the Owner and Operator of Tyler Crown, a corporation that manages, founds and acquires cloud-based software products and services.

Money Alignment Academy

Buying a Business with Michael Frew

We talked about the life cycle of a career of a software engineer, what to do when you “age out” of the field, the difficulty of pivoting to a new opportunity and why it’s sometimes necessary to do so.

Why having a background in technology and management can make you an excellent candidate for running a business, how to be proactive about entrepreneurship and skill building, and how to take the initial steps!

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Indie Hackers Interview

How I Grew a Sabbatical Project to Profitability

In 2015, I acquired a suite of products used primarily by cloud-based application providers, larger cloud hosting services – and even other Indie Hackers – to help secure protected and sensitive corporate resources or connect externally to other Internet services, like e-commerce sites.

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FE International

Michael Frew, SaaS Entrepreneur and Investor – FE International Review

After 20+ years of experience designing, developing, launching, and maintaining both Enterprise-level software projects and SMB online cloud-based applications, SaaS entrepreneur Michael Frew, shares his experience buying a business with FE International.

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Empire Flippers

Small Acquisitions As Practice for Large Acquisitions

In this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Michael Frew, who leveraged his first content site acquisition to grow into larger SaaS acquisitions.

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Bloom Venture Partners

The Full Bloom

Michael Frew joins Bart to talk what they know best- buying and building online businesses. Hear how Michael has evolved his 20+ year career in software and engineering into becoming known as “The Acquisition Entrepreneur”

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Sage USA

Michael Frew on what he looks for in the companies he buys

Michael Frew is an acquisition entrepreneur who buys online companies, primarily software and Software as a Service companies. He enjoyed a 20-year career as a software developer and information security specialist before purchasing his first online affiliate business in 2015. Today, he manages a growing 7 figure portfolio of online companies and manages his accounting using Sage Business Cloud.

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