Welcome Fuel Your Legacy Listeners

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Since you are here, you must have heard my interview on the Fuel Your Legacy Show with Sam Knickerbocker.

I hope you had as much fun listening to us as I did talking with Sam. He is an experienced host who spends the time asking in-depth questions that require a good amount of thought before answering, a trait and style that is rare in the podcast world.

During that podcast, I outlined a few ways I’m trying to help other engineers if they want to acquire their own company. 

I have those resources below, but here’s a quick summary: 

  • Video Series : The 4 questions I’m asked every time someone learns about my current career path:
    • How Would I Do This Too?
    • How Would I Pay for It?
    • Who Sells A Good Business?
    • What Type of Business Would I Buy?
  • My Online Business Buyer’s Newsletter – a “Buyers” point of view of the Acquisition Market (good for sellers too, as it’s good to know what we’re looking for when you’re selling your company.)
  • My Latest Article – Dive right into my latest essay on my blog to get started!

Thanks for listening and please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn too!