Michael Frew
Webstreet SaaS fund

Empowering Investors to Diversify their Investments with Passive and Cash Flowing Online SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Companies.

Invest Wisely in Software / SaaS Companies

Investing in SaaS companies can be a fantastic opportunity, but many people miss out because running a SaaS company is far from a passive investment.

WebStreet addresses this issue by collaborating with seasoned operators who have a demonstrated history of owning, operating, and overseeing SaaS and Software companies, making it easier to diversify your investment portfolio.

About Michael Frew

In the span of a decade, Michael Frew transitioned from corporate consulting to boot-strapping the acquisition & operation of a portfolio of online software companies, with accumulative value over the eight-figure mark.

His expertise in this field caught the attention of WebStreet, who handpicked
him to spearhead their inaugural SaaS/Software investment portfolio.

Michael’s insights into the niche asset class of online business acquisitions have been featured in various
media outlets like FE International, Indie Hackers, and Empire Flippers.

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