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I specialize in guiding engineers, developers, and IT professionals through the acquisition of online companies, ensuring they sidestep noob mistakes, and make a smooth transition from being an Employee to an Online Business Owner/Operator
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Questions On Going From Coder to Owner?

Whether you’re a coder or not, most of us feel disillusioned from so many attempts to start our own businesses that only led to failure, frustration, and a lack of fulfillment.

And when you don’t know how to get into the acquisition game successfully, it can lead to giving up and just staying at your corporate job for the entirety of your career.

After 18 years as a software engineer – and a decade of buying and operating SaaS companies – I can attest that there is a way to make the transition while also minimizing the risk.

Tailored Guidance for Your Specific Situation

I’ve always aimed to teach the acquisition process as straightforward as possible and address the common questions people often have when exploring this career option. I’ve tried to capture that process in my Online Business Acquisition Framework above.

Yet, I understand the distinction between generic ‘information‘ and customized, tailored responses to your own personal situation.

Advice specifically tailored to your needs can significantly reduce the time spent on research and save you a substantial amount of money.

If you have “done the research”, and still can’t find answers specific to your situation, I am available to help through both Advisory Calls or a half day Strategy Session

These options are great for situations where:

You need deeper dives into very specific questions or topics.

You need some clarity or guidance on a specific acquisition framework pillar.

You want to know what NOT to do.

What Clients Are Saying

Buyer Consulting Packages

I’ve designed two straightforward options to kickstart your journey towards purchasing an online company or, at the very least, crafting a strategy to make it happen.

1-Hour Advisory Call

My one-hour advisory calls are designed to answer the burning questions you have, provide clarity on a proven roadmap to acquire an online business, and explore options for next steps based on your goals and timeline.
$ Sold Out 😥
  • I open up a limited amount of hours each week for advising.
  • After they are scheduled, I close the week to any new bookings.
  • Please book promptly to avoid a long wait time.

½ Day Strategy Session

My half-day strategy sessions are designed to review the status of your roadmap and execute strategic steps, such as determining which industry niche(s) to focus on, the best financing option to use, and the steps you need to take over the next several months to move things forward.
$ Sold Out 😿
  • I can tackle two Strategy Sessions per month.
  • Please book promptly to avoid a long wait time.

You’re Made for More Than Corporate Coding

I know how much learning about online acquisitions changed my life.

I went from the career of a very average engineer and consultant to an independent owner, narrowly focusing on projects I loved working on every day.

No meetings I didn’t want to attend.

No MVP’s that went nowhere.

The transformation in my life was like night and day when I discovered a career that had me eager to get out of bed every morning and dive right in.

Despite my private and introverted nature, my mission is to openly share my experience and connect with others who are also looking to transition to a similar next phase in their careers.

Meet Michael Frew

After completing a nearly two-decade career as an engineer, developer, and consultant, Michael’s transition into online business acquisitions transformed his career into one he had only dreamed of – a life of autonomy, independence, and fulfillment.

Today, a decade after acquiring his first six-figure company, Michael is on a mission to help fellow engineers learn how online business acquisitions can (and probably should) be their next career evolution.

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