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Media and Podcast episodes with Michael Frew discussing how engineers, developers and IT professionals can acquire online businesses as their future career.

Michael Frew is someone who is never content to sit still. An experienced world traveler, he has lived in faraway places from China to the Grand Caymans. Yet, he says it’s his experiences during his childhood as a, quote, “military brat”, that helped shape how he conducts business the most. “I always say, you had to learn how to find a friend to si
Michael Frew shares his journey from being an engineer to becoming an acquisition entrepreneur. He explains how he stumbled upon the idea of acquiring online businesses and why he decided to pursue this path. Michael primarily focuses on acquiring SaaS software companies and discusses the factors he considers when evaluating potential acquisitions.
Today’s case study represents the way we like to work: connecting people who want to acquire a business with the transaction that best fits their needs and experience, working closely with brokers. We met Michael through his relationship with the management team of online business broker FE International. Earlier in 2021, we explored another FE In
In this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Michael Frew, who leveraged his first content site acquisition to grow into larger SaaS acquisitions. Michael found our marketplace when looking for something to commit his free time to during his early retirement at the young age of 40. Michael explains how we went from…
Key Points From This Episode: Progress in the acquisition strategy by continuous learning and adaptation with each new opportunity. Exploring the preference for businesses targeting engineering teams, providing tools and utilities that cater to the needs of technical professionals.
Michael Frew encourages people to use their skills to purchase an already working business rather than building one from scratch. He emphasizes the importance of systematizing businesses to free up time for new opportunities and constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize workflows. Samuel Knickerbocker recommends using Michael’s free …