Welcome How2Exit Listeners

Since you are here, you must have heard my interview on How2Exit with Ron Skelton.

We spent close to 3 hours talking about acquisitions, operations, and just life in general. One of my most favorite interviews, as I walked away a heck of a lot smarter than I was before the conversation started. 

One thing we both tried to bring to the conversation was how things really work with online acquisitions, what’s good about them, what’s bad about them, and what types of individuals do really well with this type of career path. 

Since we’re both ex-engineers, we tried to discuss how other developers and engineers could benefit from acquiring their own online engineering-focused online business as a potential career path. 

Additionally, we tried to add in anecdotes of our own past experiences with buying, selling, and operating different types of companies over our combined 30+ years of experience. 

I hope you enjoyed the episode and, as promised, I’ve put some resources to learn more at the bottom of this page. Nothing to buy, nor anything for me to push and sell, just honest thoughts and discussions about online business acquisitions in 2023 and beyond!

Thank you Ron for the great talk!

– Michael