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I help engineers sell their startup online businesses, enabling them to avoid common mistakes and secure the highest sale price with minimal ongoing obligations.

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Trying to Go From Entrepreneur to Exitpreneur?

Feeling the urge to exit, but unsure about how to make the transition is normal.

Not having confidence in how to sell your business is a common concern, and not having a clear plan a year before the sale is also perfectly normal. 

However, when you’re looking to impress potential buyers – people like me – it’s essential to have prepared your company for sale at least 12 months in advance. And not having a plan can come at a high cost, such as:

  • The selling price may end up significantly lower than its true value.
  • Being negotiated into a longer earn-out period.
  • Not getting access to buyout funds for an extended period of time.

After 18 years as a Software Engineer – and a decade of buying and operating SaaS companies – I can attest that there are certain things that you need to do before you approach a broker, list your company on a marketplace, or try and sell it directly to a professional acquirer like me.

These best practices are at the core of my seller consulting services. 

If you’re considering selling, I encourage you to reach out as early as possible so we both can ensure your business stands out when you bring it to market for sale.

A Tailored System for Online Business Sellers

My goal is to streamline the sales process and address common questions that arise when starting this significant business venture.

Often, the best way to obtain the correct answer is by directly consulting an expert.

Especially when: 

You need deeper dives into very specific questions or topics.

You need some clarity or guidance on a specific acquisition framework pillar.

You want to know what NOT to do.

What Clients Are Saying

SELLER Consulting Packages

I’ve designed two straightforward options to kickstart your journey towards selling your online company or, at the very least, crafting a strategy to make it happen.

1-Hour Advisory Call

My one-hour advisory calls are designed to answer the burning questions you have, provide clarity on a proven roadmap to sell your business, and explore options for next steps based on your goals and timeline.
$ 250
  • I open up a limited amount of hours each week for advising.
  • After they are scheduled, I close the week to any new bookings.
  • Please book promptly to avoid a long wait time.

½ Day Strategy Session

My half-day strategy sessions are designed to review your business through the discriminating eyes of a potential acquirer. We review the status of your roadmap and execute strategic steps, such as how to value your business, how to identify strategic buyers, and the steps you need to take over the 12 months leading up the sale.
$ 2,500
  • I can tackle two Strategy Sessions per month.
  • Please book promptly to avoid a long wait time.

Ready to Move On, But Overwhelmed by the Process?

I understand the dilemma of running a business that’s both successful and potentially holding you back from your next big step.

I once acquired a fantastic company that demanded a significant portion of my time to keep running smoothly. The issue wasn’t the business itself, it was me.

Simultaneously, I had another rapidly growing business that deserved more of my attention. Ye, I found myself allocating 60-70% of my time to the slower-growing business.

It’s clear in hindsight; I should have channeled all my energy into the growing business that needed my attention. But it’s not that simple…because each one of our companies holds a special place in our hearts. Our customers, our team, and our commitments mean something to us.

The thought of selling a business that’s holding you back often feels overwhelming. After all, isn’t the goal to focus on the growing venture? Why would we willingly add a mountain of extra work that might further divert us from our main company’s growth?

I want you to know that I’ve been in that situation where you need to let go of a business, even though you’re hesitant to do so and dread the burden that comes with a sale.

If any of this resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help.

Meet Michael Frew

After completing a nearly two-decade career as an engineer, developer, and consultant, Michael’s transition into online business acquisitions transformed his career into one he had only dreamed of – a life of autonomy, independence, and fulfillment.

Today, a decade after acquiring his first six-figure company, Michael is on a mission to help fellow engineers learn how online business acquisitions can (and probably should) be their next career evolution.

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